Alant Health Sarl with Neuroventis to Forge New Avenues in Healthcare Sector

Brussels, Belgium 2023.09.25 - Alant Health Sarl, trusted strategic and operational advisor for medical technology, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Neuroventis, an innovative company focused on digital health in neurology. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in advancing healthcare solutions through expert advising and industry exploration. By providing strategic guidance and industry insights, Alant Health will assist Neuroventis in navigating the landscape of healthcare, thus accelerating their growth trajectory. 

"We are excited to join hands with Neuroventis," said Dr. Abed Hammoud, Managing Director CEO of Alant Health. "Our mission is to assist companies like Neuroventis in achieving their full potential, and this partnership exemplifies our commitment to shaping the future of healthcare". 

Neuroventis, known for it's innovative focused on digital health in neurology, with technology being used for patient empowerment, remote patient monitoring, treatment support and decentralised trials, is poised to benefit immensely from Alant Health's extensive knowledge and network within the healthcare industry. Together, the two organizations will open new doors for research, development, and market penetration, ultimately enhancing patient care and outcomes. 

"We see this collaboration with Alant Health as a pivotal moment in ourjourney," said Jonathan Schreiber, Co-Founder and CEO of Neuroventis. "Their deep understanding of the healthcare landscape will undoubtedly propel us toward our goal of transforming the neurological healthcare sector". 

This partnership between Alant Health Sarl and Neuroventis signifies a commitment to driving innovation, fostering growth, and improving the overall healthcare experience for patients around the world. Together, they will explore new horizons in the healthcare sector, promising a brighter future for all.