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DIXI medical reorganization

Chaudefontaine, France, 2019.01.04 - More than 40 years ago, DIXI Medical designed and manufactured its first deep electrode for SEEG. Today DIXIs’ products are marketed in more than 30 countries.

In order to meet the increasing demand on its products, and to anticipate your future needs, particularly those related to the evolution of the epilepsy surgical technique, DIXI Medical has been engaged in a major reorganization process for several months.

In a previous communication, DIXI medical has announced developments related to its production facilities. The move to a new state of the art premises is complete. DIXI’s capacity objective will be achieved before the end of the first quarter of 2019.

Beyond the above operational aspect, DIXI has also adapted the company's management structure in order to meet the expectations of it is customers and future challenges. The new organization is based on a more complete management team.

Since September 1st, 2018, Mr. Frédéric Koehn, also COO of Dixi Holding in Switzerland, has been named CEO of DIXI Medical. He will be strategically supported by Dr. Abed Hammoud who has taken up the position of Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing since December 1st, 2018. In addition, the North American market is entrusted to Mr. Mark Lemko who has been with the company since Feb 2018. The profile of these new directors is available on the LinkedIn platform. They all have several dozen years of experience in the medical field, particularly in the management of high-growth companies.

On my side, I will continue to contribute his 40 years of experience into the company to help his colleagues in their corresponding roles, and to ensure the day-to-day management of DIXI Medical and all aspects of production.

Dr Hammoud will contact you personally in the coming days to discuss with you how we can continue to support you in providing the best care for your patients.

Through this communication, I wish to assure you of our total commitment to you and your patients. I am of course at your entire disposal for any additional information you may require.

Please accept, Madam, Sir, the expression of my very sincere greetings.

Jean-Pierre DARNIS

Chaudefontaine, France