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Renishaw neuromate® stereotactic robot to assist during surgery at Harvard (Boston Children’s Hospital) Epilepsy Center

May 2017 - Renishaw is pleased to announce that Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) has become the 34th world leading health organization to have a neuromate® stereotactic robot installed. This installation is the 6th in the United States of America.

BCH hosts a National Association of Epilepsy Centres (NAEC) accredited Level 4 Epilepsy Centre, and the team plans to begin integrating their newly installed neuromate® into their Stereoelectroencephalography procedures. neuromate’s role will be to assist in positioning the intracerebral electrodes which identify the epileptogenic zone. neuromate® integrates with BCH’s existing stereotactic neurosurgery infrastructure for reduced procedure times and improved patient outcomes.

Dr. Scellig Stone is Director of the Movement Disorder Program at BCH, as well as an Assistant Professor at Harvard University. On the installation of neuromate® he commented:

“The addition of the neuromate® system to our workflow promises to significantly increase the efficiency of our stereotactic surgeries, lower the risk for human error in targeting, and compliments other neurosurgical technologies that together allows us to stay at the cutting edge of paediatric neurosurgical therapies.”

The neuromate® stereotactic robot is designed to provide a consistent, accurate and repeatable assistance during a broad range of functional stereotactic neurosurgery procedures. By positioning the neurosurgical tools according to pre-planned trajectories, neuromate® assists neurosurgeons confidently target structures concealed deep within the brain tissue.

Dr Abed Hammoud, CEO of Renishaw Mayfield SA (Switzerland) adds “We are excited and proud that Boston Children’s Hospital have chosen the neuromate® to be an integral part of their workflow. Our service team will work closely with Dr Scellig Stone and his team at this world class institution, to address their needs as they continue to provide the best care for their patients.”

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