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First surgical procedures for Renishaw’s neuromate® robot in Nice, France

December 2012 - Renishaw is pleased to announce that the Neurosurgery Department of Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Pasteur in Nice, France have now completed their first neurosurgical robotic procedures using Renishaw’s neurmate® stereotactic system.

The CHU Nice has decided to use the neuromate® system after evaluating various technologies.

Prof. Philippe Paquis, Chief of the Department of Neurosurgery at CHU Nice said, “The neuromate® surgical robot allows us to improve the quality of the patient management for Deep Brain Stimulation by avoiding the use of a frame and without losing any precision reaching the target.”

“After our first few frameless biopsy procedures with the neuromate® we quickly saw how it helps to simplify our workflow. The procedure is easier, allowing even difficult to reach targets to be accessed; it helps us speed up our workflow and save OR time, and last but not least, the frameless setup improves patient comfort,” added Dr. Denys Fontaine, who performed the first neuromate® procedures in the hospital. “We have also performed several Deep Brain Stimulation procedures with the neuro|mate® and we have been impressed by the accuracy of the image verified electrode placement. We are looking forward to also using the neuromate® system for Neuro-endoscopy procedures.”

Dr. Abed Hammoud, CEO of Renishaw Mayfield SA said, “This latest neuromate® installation confirms once again the trust of world-leading functional neurosurgeons in the ability of the neuromate® stereotactic robot and the Renishaw Mayfield Support team to assist them in providing best care for their patients.”